Sleepers of Mars


At the end of the previous novel, Stowaway to Mars, the British spaceship, the Gloria Mundi departed Mars, expecting the USSR ship to leave at the same time. It did not. In the Stowaway to Mars it is mentioned that while the British reached Earth safely, it was now several years later, and still there had been no sign of the Soviet vessel.

This story tells their fate.

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Sleepers of Mars is a collection of early short stories by British writer John Wyndham, published after his death, in 1973 by Coronet Books.

The collection includes:

  • “Sleepers of Mars” (1939), a sequel to the novel Stowaway to Mars, in which a Russian expedition finds the remains of Martian civilisation.
  • “Worlds to Barter” (1931), telling of the descendants of the human race travelling back in time to take over the current Earth.
  • “Invisible Monster” (1933), featuring an invisible alien on the loose after the return of a space expedition.
  • “The Man from Earth” (1934), in which a human sent on a mission to Venus wakes up in the far future as the last human alive.
  • “The Third Vibrator” (1933), a cautionary tale in which the inventor of a super-weapon has a vision of how it previously destroyed Atlantis and Lemuria.


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