Machina Fantasia

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Two warring nations of machines face extinction in this science-fantasy novel.

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Machina Fantasia?

In the far reaches of the galaxy, on the arid planet Machina, two nations of machines clash in a terrible war that has lasted thousands of years. On one side are the noble machines of Freeram, who fight for the freedom of all machinekind. Against them are the machines of the cruel Diodian Empire, led by their ruthless Emperor in their quest to enslave all machines and bring a new age of darkness to Machina.
Freeram’s forces are near breaking under the unending onslaught of the Diodian machines, who think of nothing but crushing their enemies. But a hero has come, foretold many moons ago, who will destroy the Diodian Emperor, bring an end to their empire and free all the machines of Machina!

And yet that war has continued for millennia more. Hundreds die in No Machine’s Land every day, and the smoke and dust from the fighting covers the land and even blots out the sun. To one side lies an old battleground reduced to sand, and on the other great hills of debris and discarded machine bodies. When Elesha, the only machine capable of building new soldiers, finally expires, the nation of Freeram, and all of machinekind, faces certain extinction.

A deserter, a priest, and Elesha’s final, failed, creation set out to cross No Machine’s Land and bring the war to an end once and for all.

Machina Fantasia is a science-fantasy novel set in a world populated entirely by machines. All machines have their part to play. Priest units communicate with the grand machines that created them, commander units create strategies and give orders, and soldier units die alone in No Machine’s Land. This book features a bleak and broken world, epic battles, and existential crises.

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  1. Jackie P

    Excellent story framing interesting twist on mercy triumphing over evil. All the characters were engaging and I wanted to know how they could succeed. Loved it, real page-turner.

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