What is Beyond Cataclysm?

Beyond Cataclysm is a micro-publisher and distro. We print and sell beautiful, interesting and creative printed works.

We are not limited to any particular area or market, but we do have a focus on fiction and roleplay games.

That said, we are open to anything:

  • Punk rock tour stories? Sure.
  • Independent sci-fi? Absolutely.
  • Vegan trifle cookbook? Let me literally give you money…

We aim to combine heart and excellence in all our work. Our hope is to involve charitable giving and environmental stewardship in our projects, and lovely people in their authorship.

Who are we?

Beyond Cataclysm is a collective of friends and co-conspirators. Projects are worked on by some, all or none of us! BC was founded in 2020 by Sarah Williams and Chris Lowry, with Dave Emmerson joining in the fun shortly afterwards.


Chris has always found books utterly enthralling. He rarely makes his way outside of the realms of pulp scifi, but when he does, he still finds himself transported to new worlds.

He is also an author, going under the author name of CM Lowry. Check out his blog at AllAboutChris.org for more of his writing, and watch this space for some published works…!

When writing, he mostly listens to noisy off-beat music, which he talks about loudly to anyone who will listen at WarringtonSkaPunk.co.uk. And people that won’t.

His favourite authors are John Wyndham, Terry Pratchett, Shane Claiborne, SA Corey, Elizabeth Moon, Robert Crais… (this list doesn’t end)

He is a dog person, and is suspicious of people who aren’t.


As a child Dave grew up surrounded by books and had a voracious appetite for reading, especially fantasy in the vein of Tolkien, finding the worlds held within the pages to be a wonderful escape from reality.

To the disappointment of many, Dave grew up to be a punk and came to writing through the medium of music and especially the zine culture that surrounds hardcore punk. He currently makes zines as well as releasing music under the moniker VISIONS (listen at visonspress.bandcamp.com). Dave enjoys putting together cut and paste zines with content from punk scenes all over the globe that encourage the DIY ethos and community building across social divides.

Dave’s favourite authors are George MacDonald, C.S. Lewis, Aldous Huxley and Phillip K Dick.

He is one of those people that sees a movie and annoys his friends by saying ‘the book was better’. And don’t get him started about vinyl collecting!


Sarah has always known that when she grows up she wants to either be an author or Indiana Jones. She doesn’t suit a fedora and a whip, so she’s taken to writing instead.

Sarah’s main creative project is the online zine Shout Louder, which she’s grown from a music blog into a podcast and a series of books called PAPERCUTS. She has also worked as a copywriter, proofreader and editor for a variety of online and print publications, mainly writing about music, mental health and economics. 

Sarah’s favourite authors are George Orwell, Ian Fleming, David Wong and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

She’s written two novels that she’s never been confident enough to share, but she has embraced the world of DIY publishing and zine culture. She is currently taking a break from work with BC to focus on audio production, but we still love her.