A Monstrous Quest Inside A Giant T-Rex

Tyrannosaur Inside is a role-play adventure, in an A5 sized full colour printed booklet. It contains fully illustrated, lovingly laid out pages that set a madcap adventure inside a unthinkable Cretaceous monster.

The game is designed to be run with minimal preparation, for a group of pretty much any size. (We’ve played it solo and that was pretty fun too).

It was written by CM Lowry and funded by lots of lovely backers on Kickstarter!

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Is that... A Giant T-Rex?!

Now, no one expected a vast Tyrannosaurus Rex to appear in the middle of the village.

Nor did they expect you, you of all creatures, to try to slay the terrible beast.

But here we are.

Okay. So what's the catch?

The T-Rex is monumentally huge.

Unrealistically so.

It’s so big that your only hope, if you wish to defeat it, is to fight the monster from the inside.

Sorry, what actually is this?

Tyrannosaur Inside is a role-play adventure, in an A5 sized full colour printed booklet. It contains fully illustrated, lovingly laid out pages that set a madcap adventure inside a unthinkable Cretaceous monster.

The game is designed for a GM to run with minimal preparation, for a group of pretty much any size. (We’ve played it solo and that was pretty fun too).

There will be two versions, with guidance and stat blocks for playing in two common RPG systems:

  • the ubiquitous D&D 5th Edition
  • the incomparably horrible MÖRK BORG.

5E compatible & MÖRK BORG compatible

(This is 100% unofficial and non-endorsed, legally licensed through the Open Gaming License SRD and the MB Third Party License, respectively)

  • The Adventure Setting – easily set in any town or village in your pre-existing game worlds.
  • Safety guide & Trigger warnings.
  • A hex-crawl map… you could even call it… a “T-Rex Crawl”? (I’ll get my coat).
  • Accessibility notes (more on that below).
  • Lots of interesting tables to roll on, such as “Why is there a giant T-Rex in the middle of the village?” and “Six Reasons Why You Are Scared Of Dinosaurs”.
  • Enough Jurassic Park references to make you feel slightly uncomfortable (obviously).

Labelled map of the hexes inside the T-Rex. Has a compass, and labelled hexes for body parts, including Feet, Abdomen, Tail, Thorax, Head, and both of those cute Little Piddly Arms that T-Rexs have.

Example Spread From Hex-Crawl with more detail

Who are you people?

I am CM Lowry, also known as Chris (he/him). I’m a extrovert writer-designer-illustrator-doctor-idiot. The sort of person that talks to strangers on trains and ends up lifelong friends. Or glared at. Mostly glared at.

Photo of Chris Lowry looking quizzical? Foolish?

Tyrannosaur Inside is my third published RPG – check my other games at cmlowryauthor.itch.io – and my first to get physically printed. I also released The Die Decides earlier this year, a successful Kickstarter about rolling dice to generate story prompts, and writing 34 pint-sized stories with individual illustrations.

Other works by CM Lowry, covers of The Die Decides, A Set Of Scrubs and You Have No Authority Here!

With additional contributions from:

Gareth Hanrahan Contributor

Gareth Hanrahan‘s three-month break from computer programming to concentrate on writing has now lasted fifteen years and counting. He’s written more gaming books than he can readily recall, by virtue of the alchemical transmutation of tea and guilt into words. Follow Gareth (he/him) on Twitter at @mytholder or at garhanrahan.com.

Gareth Hanrahan Contributor

Grant (he/him) writes RPGs that you’ve probably heard of: Honey Heist, Spire, Heart, ORC BORG (Currently Funding NOW!) He is one third of RPG Makers, Rowan, Rook and Decard., and makes toy soldiers in his spare time. Visit his Patreon at http://patreon.com/gshowitt.

Dave (he/him) is a punk who enjoys creating music and cut & paste zines at Visions Press. He is a lover of his neuro-diverse family, follower of Jesus and believes in local community. His creative work is influenced by the hardcore punk DIY ethos, emphasises collaboration and seeks to reveal beauty in unexpected places. He likes Jurassic Park a little too much and helps run Beyond Cataclysm.


Published by Beyond Cataclysm

The project will be published by Beyond Cataclysm, who are a micro-publisher, printing lovely things with lovely people, and soon opening an RPG & Zine distro.

Find out more about them at BeyondCataclysm.co.uk.

Photo of Beyond Cataclysm bookmarks, stickers and other nice things.

Did you say "Accessibility"?

Yes we did! Trex Crawl is an intentionally, explicitly, disability-aware adventure.

The interior of the massive beast is absolutely equipped with wheelchair ramps, whilst all signs have braille and audio descriptive options. Alert sirens have visual components and any T-Rexs that communicate are able to do so through tactile and visual sign language.

All passages, no matter how narrow-sounding, are wheelchair accessible. Some of them may actually be more accessible to the disabled than to the abled.

Jacob Wood - Accessibility Consultant

Jacob Wood, from the eminent Accessible Gaming Quarterly (Year 3 fully funded!) is our amazing Accessibility Consultant. He wrote Psi-punk, Monster Kart Mayhem, Accessible Guide to RPG Layout, and contributed to such books as Baby Bestiary, Infestation, and the Pip System Corebook. Visit his website at accessiblegames.biz.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 0.5 cm

Digital, Print

Game System

5th Edition, MÖRK BORG


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