We love books but…!

We love hearing about new books and games, we really do. Every year we spend thousands of pounds buying new and interesting ideas.

Unfortunately, the reality is… they don’t all sell. Many books, zines and pamphlets that we have gone out on a limb for have sat on our shelves, been lugged to cons and back, and eventually put on sale. There’s something rather dispiriting in loading the same books into cases for conventions, then unloading all of them again in our stockroom, unsold, time after time.

Stocking something also involves us spending time & money on postage, on storage, on taking product photos and setting up databases. Here at Beyond Cataclysm, we believe in creative partnership, and we believe in investing in people who believe in our vision.

What are you saying?

The best way to get us to stock your book is to send us a free sample copy to: Beyond Cataclysm, 42 Mersey Walk, WA4 1SY.

We can then take a look at it, put it in our store and see if it sells. We use our sales to guide future purchases – if you send us something, we stock it, and it sells, we are almost guaranteed to buy multiple copies of all your creative releases.

How about I send you a PDF?

Look, it’s better than nothing, but we get sent tons of emails with books and games. A creator taking the time and energy to post us something, perhaps dropping us a note about why they are invested in their project? Well, it inspires us to be inspired by them.

I can’t afford to send you free stuff

We don’t expect you to! This is absolutely not a requirement of being stocked by Beyond Cataclysm. Feel free to email us, to message us, to ask us to stock you anyway.

All we’re saying is that in several years of doing this, the creatives who have sent us free stuff have got our attention; that attention has translated into a much highger chance of us buying your stuff.