Lucky for None is a comedy-horror game, for solo journalling & group play.

It uses an unusual thirteen-sided dice, known as a “d13”. They roll in a weird, spooky way.

Backers of the physical game get a d13 included with their copy! We also have a digital D13 dice roller for anyone to use!

The tables inside can also be used on their own; as story-prompts and event-generators for horrible things happening in any role-playing system of your choosing, such as 5E or OSR.

It was written by CM Lowry and funded by lots of lovely backers on Kickstarter!

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Lucky for None


A comedy-horror game for solo journalling & group play. Comes with a spooky 13 sided dice!

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What is the Game?

Lucky for None is a game about dark, strange and awful things happening in the village of Grimhaven, and whatever you do, everything will get worse.

  • Most of the residents are going to die.
  • Those that don’t may wish they had.

You play a local resident (or residents) as the village experiences 13 weird & woeful Events. Your actions may shield the populace from harm; or they may contribute to the devastation.

What am I buying?

  • The game is a  20-page professionally laid out A5 booklet, with a seperate village map, and a player journey sheet.

  • The physical version will be printed on high quality 170gsm recycled paper, with a recycled silk  350gsm cover, and stapled. The physical version also comes with a d13 dice (various colours).
  • The digital version is available in PDF and in a screen-reader friendly format, and digital backers are able to roll virtual d13s on a Virtual d13 Dice Roller on our website.

As you can see; the game has beautiful, bold design, carefully selected typography and is illustrated throughout with a mix of public domain and custom hand-drawn art.

For playing on your own, or with friends

Lucky for None is designed with rules-light simplicity, for three types of play:

  • For a group of players and a Games Master.
  • For collaborative play, without a Games Master (GM-less).
  • For solo play, and journalling.

Why are we using a 13 sided dice?

Four reasons:

  1. 13 is a traditionally scary number.
  2. They have an odd number of sides, so they are irregularly shaped, and thus roll in a slightly strange, unpredictable way. Yes, even the way they roll is spooky.
  3. A 12 sided dice is a common dice in RPG. Our game can basically use a d12, but with a relatively-frequently-occurring surprise 13 result, to trigger bad things happening within the game.
  4. It sounded like a fun idea.

13 ?

d13 dice bouncing

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