Operation S.A.N.T.A.


A tabletop roleplay game about saving Christmas. Or being hunted by aliens. Or fighting penguins… For Troika! & MÖRK BORG


Cast away your pathetic, childish fantasies; this is no winter wonderland.

There are no toys here, no candy, no songs about tinsel and joy. 

This is a harsh, bleak wasteland of chemical spills, centuries-long elvish serfdom and utterly absent hope.

This is a land where the bells don’t jingle. They toll.

Operation S.A.N.T.A.

Operation S.A.N.T.A. is a “Festive” Roleplay Adventure set in a world where Santa is a horrible tentacled alien, and the North Pole is some kind of dystopian, nuclear waste spoiled horror-land, and there’s anarchistic penguins in the Arctic, and no one gets any presents ever again. You know, the standard Christmassy sort of story.

The zine includes a setting, characters, lots of thematic tables, a map of the grotty hole that is the North Pole, and an encounter to play as a group, or alone, if that’s your sort of thing. There is a Monster Manual for NPCs and monsters, and a safety disclaimer with content advisories.

Will it DnD?

It’s system agnostic, which means you can pick it up and play with any RPG system you are familiar with, such as D&D.  I’m including MÖRK BORG and Troika! stats to make things easier. (You can download free rules for MÖRK BORG here, and for Troika! here)

Tell me more about the North Pole.

Oh, go on then…

The History Of The North Pole. In 1708—long before humans had invented satellites, space travel and celestial surveillance—a shooting star was seen, streaking across Scandinavian skies. Poems were written of the *drømmestjerne* or “dream star”. In reality, it heralded the arrival of a nightmare.  The crash site of the alien ship was in the frozen far north of Greenland, in a region now referred to as *Gertrudraskland*. Strange reports of glowing colours in the sky began to circulate amongst the Inuit inhabitants of the cold, harsh country. Tales began to spread of a terrible alien beast, of huge swathes of melted snow, and of creeping, inescapable death.  Partly in response to these rumours, King Frederik IV of Denmark and Norway sent a mission in 1721, ostensibly to introduce the ideals of the Reformation (and colonial rule) to the Inuit. Officially, the mission ended in scurvy, smallpox, suffering and failure; marked in history books as another indictment of the repeated travesties of paternalistic colonialism.   Unofficially, the outcome was far worse.  The missing soldiers and settlers had been captured and somehow transfigured by the alien presence. Provided with a breeding pool of workers, harnessed to its alien will, the Horror—referred to in whispers as *Rød-på-Hvid* or “Red on White”—began to build up its mysterious operations. Eventually there was an entire region of the desolate Greenlandic coastland that none dared enter. Meanwhile, the rumours spread worldwide, safely sanitised for children’s ears. Over the centuries, it evolved into the tale of a jolly man, clad in fluffy clothes, distributing gifts to the needy. Little of it resonated with truth, aside for one thing: the man was said to be dressed in red and white.  Even that much was twisted; with its candy cane red-and-white striping.  For the secret camp at the North Pole is not red and white.  It is tainted with red on white.  The domain of *Rød-på-Hvid* is surrounded, as far as human eyes can see, with blood on the ice.

Show me more spreads and maps and stuff!

Who are you?

I’m CM Lowry, a writer, RPG player and designer and Humbug.


Asmus Nielsen

Asmus Nielsen, (he/him), lives on Jutland, Denmark, and is fluent in Danish and English. He’s never been naughty enough to miss out on presents, but he has previously eaten too much Christmas pudding and would do it again. Find him on Twitter as @Kinas_Ten and his games at Itch.

Mol contributor

Mol (they/them), is found as @molomoot on all socials, their pronouns are they/them & they are mostly known for drawing weird lil creatures and handmade ttrpg zines. Mol is probably not allergic to polar bears. Probably.

Malik Hansen - Greenlandic Sensitivity Reader

Malik Hansen (he), was born in Nuuk, capital of Greenland, and now lives in Illulissat. He are fluent in Kalaallisut, Danish and English. They are not scared of penguins, mostly because you don’t get penguins in the Northern Hemisphere.

Content Warning

This is not a normal Christmas story. It is silly… and horrible. It is intended to be entirely tongue-in-cheek, but there is a risk that topics might come up that make you feel uncomfortable. Please be warned that its content spans multiple deeply objectionable areas.

Warning for themes including physical & psychological harm, death, murder, tentacular horror, blood, kidnap, non-consensual surgery, aliens, indentured servitude, harm to animals and nuclear radiation poisoning. There is zero sexual or gender abuse in this zine. Some aspects such as body part removal may stray into themes of disability, and whilst my aim is to firmly avoid ableism, the topic could easily be raised by a group.

Please consider using safety tools like my own Yes, No, Maybe as a group before you play. I’ve got a list of more safety options at allaboutchris.org/rpgsafety.


This game is a lovely PDF, but it’s even better wrapped up under the Christmas tree…

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