Outsiders: A Notorious Expansion


Hardscrabble bounty hunting at the edge of the galaxy. Outsiders is an expansion for Notorious

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In Outsiders, the setting moves away from the intergalactic war of Notorious to the edge of the galaxy; a place known as the Outside.

Your story brings you into contact with new factions, who compete to control the rich resources & opportunities within this lawless sector.

But the Old Empire’s fleet has arrived & it could change everything…

You must once again hunt targets through uncharted wilds & bustling destinations. Confront ruthless ambition, destructive greed & hidden motivations.  Face your own past & determine your future.
Learn what it means to be an outsider.



  • A STANDALONE SOLO ROLEPLAYING GAME: everything you need to create brand new stories in the Notorious universe.
  • SIX NEW NOMADS: the RookieDuoBeastmasterVeteranTech & Deserter—all cross-compatible with Notorious.
  • NEW FACTIONS, PLANETS & SPECIES: discover what lies on the far edges of the galaxy, away from the intergalactic war.
  • TRILOGY MODE: play through the epic three-part story of one Nomad & expand your tables by combining Outsiders with Notorious.

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