Interzone #295


Interzone is a beautifully designed and laid out writing and art magazine that’s been in publication since 1982!

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In this issue: stories by Seán Padraic Birnie, Rachael Cupp, Frank Dumas, Stephanie Lane Gage, Jendia Gammon, Ai Jiang, Jonathan Laidlow, Edward R. Morris, Nozaki Mado, Katie McIvor, H. Pueyo, Amal Singh, R.L. Summerling, Corey J. White, and Aigner Loren Wilson; columns by Alexander Glass, David Langford, Nick Lowe, Val Nolan, and Aliya Whiteley; book reviews by Gautam Bhatia, Alexander Glass, Kelly Jennings, and Paul Kincaid; an interview with Agnes Gomillion by Gautam Bhatia; and art by Carly A-F, Martin Hanford, Emma Howitt, Dante Luiz, Juliana Pinho, Vinayak Varma, and Richard Wagner.

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