Tooth & Claw


Tooth & Claw focuses on animals that can be found on the land and in the air with re-imaginings of mythological monsters like the Thunder Bird, Dragon, Unicorn/ Kirin, and Basilisk as well as a number of original creatures that explore other fascinating abilities.

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Tooth & Claw is an in-depth fantasy field guide that takes real world zoological concepts and – with a dash of pseudo-science – uses them to re-imagine fantasy creatures. From dragons melting gold to armour themselves to lemur inspired wyven social dynamics.

Each creature entry has in-universe field notes on aspects such as behaviour, physiology, and ecology, as well as notes on things like their habitats, diets, and useful tips for adventurers like how to tell the age of a dragon by the purity of its scale armour.

The level of realism in creature design is inspired by the Monster Hunter games which do an excellent job at creating fantasy creatures that feel believable.


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