What Is Roleplay?
What Is Roleplay?
What is Roleplay #9 - Chance & Probability with Cezar Capacle

Welcome to Episode 9 of ‘What Is Roleplay?! 
This episode we are joined by Cezar Capacle to discuss Chance & Probability

  • Be amazed by Cezar’s amazing productivity levels – 20+ games in three years!
  • What on earth are “Conflict Resolution Mechanics”?
  • We explore mechanics within various games systems that make good use of chance and probability
  • Listen as Cezar’s technique of ‘playstorming’ builds a game within the actual play section, involving a Knight, a Ford Fiesta, Glory & Chaos!

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More about Cezar

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With music generously provided by:
Powerplant & Imploders.

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