What have we been upto?

Well, last month was all about getting our Kickstarter campaign for Tyrannosaur Inside live; which went very well. #

A role play adventure set INSIDE a massive, ridiculous dinosaur! Available for both D&D 5E and MÖRK BORG.

You can pre-order it here: Tyrannosaur Inside preorder.

What’s New?

Dave has joined the team!

He likes books, cheese and terrible, noisy music.

Find out more about him on the About Us Page!


What’s Next?

The plan for the summer involves:


  • This Book I Read will be a podcast talking to authors about books they love/hate and why.
  • What Is Roleplay? is a beginner focussed podcast, looking at the art of roleplay for those who’ve not encountered it before.

ISBN Coffee is open for submissions too. Do you have something you’d like to add to the mix of coffee related poetry, prose, fact and fiction? Drop us an email!

Finally, we have lots of exciting stock ordered! Check it out on our Store page as it comes in!


That’s all for now! Talk soon!

Remember, follow us on twitter for more updates at @beyondcataclysm!

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