Hey folks!

Welcome to our State of the Cataclysm update for Summer 2023.

Here’s a quick summary of what Beyond Cataclysm has been up to as a company, and then a little about Dave and Chris’ exciting lives too!


It’s been an exciting few months here at BC HQ as we launched the pre-release page for ISBN COFFEE.

ISBN COFFEE is a beautiful bag of coffee beans selected for easy, enjoyable drinking, with a companion book dedicated to the fusion of coffee & culture.
We are still looking for art, games and poetry submissions, so check out the submissions page!

Want to know more? Click here to follow the pre-release page for ISBN COFFEE.

Operation S.A.N.T.A.

We also got Operation S.A.N.T.A back from the printers! PDFs and print have been sent out to our Kickstarter backers, and you can check it out yourself by clicking below:

UK Games Expo

We also recently had an amazing time attended the UK Games Expo at the Birmingham NEC, where 190 people bought something from our stall including 77 purchases of our daft one page rpg Bar Fight!

Shout out to Josh and Gaz who kept the stall alive when I was just chatting to people

Our next two planned conventions are Tabletop Scotland and Dragonmeet – hopefully we will see some of you there!

Dave has been…

Playing: Ten Pin Bowling. I recently hung out with some very competitive friends at the bowling alley. I decided that instead of getting caught up in the constant one-up-manship I’d bowl a perfect zero. So I did! Proof on the right in picture form…

Reading: I finally got round to starting Electrodermal by John Davison. I love Sci-fi and all things dystopian (I am in a band called Dystopian Futures after all!) so this is right up my street. And John is a total legend…

Listening: More hardcore punk for my record collection, this time in the shape of Cleveland, Ohio’s very own The Hell – ST LP | The Hell | Drunken Sailor Records (bandcamp.com)


Chris has been…

Playing: Lots of the brilliant Japanese board game Joraku.It’s probably the best thing I’ve played all year, delightfully strategic, crunchy but also got a ton of go-with-your-gut to it. You can absolutely spite your friends too, which I’m always on board for.

I’ve also been learning Mahjong with loads of new Hong Kong people at my church. I’m terrible at it, even though it appears to be about 80% luck.

Reading: I fell massively down the well of reading 40K Horus Heresy books again. I held off in 2022 out of the desire to read a bit wider than normal, but I’ve read 5 of them in the last month (There’s a ridiculous 62 books in the series! I’m on number 24).

I also devoured CB Wright’s Curveball, a comic book in prose form. That’s brilliant, funny and doesn’t just fall unrepentantly into the cliche of comic-book storytelling. Check it out.

Listening: Lots of writing this year, so I’ve been enjoying backgroundy post-rock stuff like Mogwai. Decided to work through a click-baity list of The 30 Best Post-Rock Albums of All Time to add in some variety. I can recommend MONO, to continue my Japanese theme…

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