What Is Roleplay?
What Is Roleplay?
What is Roleplay #16: Dungeons with John Dodd

Welcome to Episode 16 of ‘What Is Roleplay?! 
This episode we are joined by John Dodd to discuss dungeons

  • The intrigue of The Dungeon – why would someone build this, what was it for, how did it get here? You’re not supposed to be there!
  • Maps as promises – they guarantee excitement, adventure and maybe treasure
  • Mega-dungeons –  Architecturally impossible structures that might prove impossible to explore in one lifetime
  • The joys of having almost too much space and level of detail to explore
  • The beauty of sci-fi and fantasy allowing you to bend the realms of what is reasonable to create impossible mega-structures
  • Dungeons are a nightmare – you’re in the dark with no idea what you are doing or where you are going. Perfect fodder for an adventure.
  • Key Things A Dungeon Needs:
    • Light – Yet there is an absence of it and the dungeon doesn’t want you to have it! The contrast of light & dark. Dark as a representation of the unknown.
    • Treasure – If someone has gone to all the trouble of building a dungeon there must something interesting down there! A great evil? A King’s ransom? Why is it there? There has to be something that draws people in to the dungeon, where they know they shouldn’t be
    • What Now? – So you have a reason to be there and you’ve used light to find the treasure. But you’ve got to wonder what now? Something or someone has taken over this Dungeon, as they’re never being used for their original purpose. What happens next? Most dungeons don’t have a back door! How are you getting out?
  • Actual Play: Chris & John explore a Dungeon deep under modern day London, found by accident during tunnelling works for the Elizabeth line. It’s an icehouse build by a chryomancer (the assistant to the regional Chyromancer), who set out to make a million from selling ice to rich Victorians. Look out for the monstrous subway trains and the hidden entrances in the grounds of the abandoned Mansion! Ice-locks abound!!
    • Here are the beautiful maps John draw of this Dungeon during the actual play chats with Chris. Download images & scenario here

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