What Is Roleplay?
What is Roleplay #15: Diceless Roleplay Games with Côme Martin

Welcome to Episode 15 of ‘What Is Roleplay?! 
This episode we are joined by Côme Martin to discuss diceless rpg

  • Chris & Côme discuss many different Roleplaying Games that don’t use dice & explore the spectrum of games from completely controlled by fate, to the other end of the spectrum where the only narrative input in the game is the things your saying to one another around the table.
  • The mechanics of dice use and how they can be replaced with other items such as a pack of cards
  • The ways that a deck of cards can be broken into different groupings for use in roleplay. Côme prefers cards to dice as it gives you a wider range of options
  • The option that cards give you for editing – you can change the deck by writing on the cards as you go through them so that they next time you use that card it has a different effect.
  • Using pick up sticks, Jenga, runestones, Tarot cards or tokens as help prompts as part of roleplay instead of dice.
  • Diceless roleplay gives the players and the Games Master (GM) a little more power over outcomes, rather than being ruled by chance.
  • Games play without any prompts & GM-less play – the joys of improvisation.
  • Worldbuilding and lore writing – how diceless play can make for really interesting world building experiences
  • Actual Play: Christof & Martin star in a spring time coming of age adventure set in the Viking era. Magic spells and finger bones abound!

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