Two Summers


You know that Stephen King book, with the scary clown? Well imagine that: last summer, I scrammed from the big city with my parents, and I went through a crazy adventure in the boondocks with my pals! 

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TWO SUMMERS is a tabletop RPG by Côme Martin, for a GM and 3 to 5 players, who take the role of the same characters at two different time periods: as teenagers in the 1990s, living an unforgettable adventure, and as adults 30 years later, coming back to the same place and realizing the adventure is not over. The game is conceived for campaigns of 7-8 sessions, lasting around 3 hours each. This game is designed towards people who enjoy light drama, sunny adventures and good-hearted nostalgia! Its diceless system is deliberately very simple: you can explain it in a few minutes and its summary is on a single page, so as to better put a greater emphasis on storytelling and roleplaying.

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