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This Book I Wrote... with Elizabeth Laird

This month CM Lowry is talking to his childhood hero Elizabeth Laird – globetrotter, adventurer and author. They talk all about her life and how it has influenced the many books she has written in ‘This Book I Read…

Topics covered include:

  • Elizabeth’s 1989 children’s book, Crackers, and the important role in played in CM Lowry’s journey into writing and publishing
  • Becoming an author, and career changes in general, later in life and how it’s never too late to try something new
  • Using life experiences as inspiration for writing
  • Befriending the street children of Addis Ababa and taking them for road trips in her car on Saturdays
  • Haile Selassie’s pet Lion
  • Living in places where cataclysmic things are happening & how that influences the creative process
  • Dodging bullets in Lebanon and getting a seat on the last plane out at the civil war kicked off
  • How our childhood reading stays with us for life & meeting her hero Geoffrey Trease.
  • Letting the characters come to life and dictate how you write the story
  • Elizabeth also left us with some wonderful life advice
    • Read: Everything you can get your hands on
    • Listen: To everything and make notes. The best writers listen to conversation in order to learn how to write dialogue
    • Write: Everyday. Keep a journal
    • Live: Do things, take risks, don’t be afraid to really live

Links to things we discussed:

Music by CM Lowry

Editing by Dave Emmerson 

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