This Book I Read...
This Book I Read...
number9dream with CJ Eggett

This month CM Lowry is talking to CJ Eggett, writer and game designer, about number9dream by David Mitchell in ‘This Book I Read…

Topics covered include:

  • The common confusion between David Mitchell the author and David Mitchell the comedian of Peep Show fame!
  • Mitchell’s use of modern magical realism to sort of lull the reader into a false sense of security before tricking them.
  • Using similar literary themes throughout the book to pull the reader back to central themes.
  • Mitchells clever use of language to capture the imagination of the reader.
  • Intertextuality – full living worlds of things and stuff that connect with each other between texts. Or objects placed with a text that connect the created world with out real world.
  • The process that Mitchell works with to create as authentic an experience as possible for his settings and characters.
  • CJ encourages us to hunt out number9dream and read it because, in his opinion, it’s David Mitchells best book. It’s wildly underrated, full of fun and high drama.
  • Stories within stories within stories, like Russian dolls!

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Music by CM Lowry. Editing by Dave Emmerson 

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