No Future / Heavy Steps Split Zine


The first collaboration between Loot The Room and World Champ Game Co. Two games. One Zine. Heavy Steps/No Future is a 44 page double-sided zine.

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In Chris Bissette’s Heavy Steps On Hollow Ground you play members of a touring hardcore band about to play the most fucked up show of your lives. Everything will go wrong, and nobody will get out alive.

Heavy Steps on Hollow Ground is a tabletop RPG for 3-5 players about making the most of your last moments with found family. It’s Green Room meets From Dusk Till Dawn.

In Adam Vass’ No Future you play punks holding a benefit show on the one year anniversary of a horrifying disaster, who get stuck in a time loop and find themselves dying over and over again. Play through the same endless night as you try desperately to figure out what’s happening and how to stop it.

No Future is a tabletop RPG for 3-5 players about hardcore punks stuck in a time loop and dying again and again in an effort to get out. It’s Green Room meets Groundhog Day.

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