Sanction (Hardcover)


HARDCOVER edition of Sanction is a complete game—upon which the award-winning RPG The Dee Sanction, a game of Elizabethan supernatural horror and investigation, was built. 

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Includes core rules, Game Moderator’s Tools, and a Hacker’s Toolbox for those seeking guidance on creating their own settings. As a guide, the core includes two sample Genre Setups—The Agency, wherein players create unwanted ex-agents driven out into the mundane world faced with complications far outside their skill set, and With Guile, Incantation and Faith, a fantasy world dominated by heroic fighters where characters fill the roles of second-line adventurers seeking a way to buy there way out.

Writing, editing, and layout by Paul Baldowski; The Agency written by Richard August

Cover by MARCINs

Illustrations by MARCINs, Jorge Muñoz, J E Shields, Paul Tomes, and Evlyn Moreau

60 pages

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