Sanction (Softcover)


Sanction is a complete game—upon which the award-winning RPG The Dee Sanction, a game of Elizabethan supernatural horror and investigation, was built. At heart, it sets simple but unique characters up against challenges with limited resources and a constant sense of threat.

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Sanction is a tabletop roleplaying game focused on somewhat extraordinary folk facing off against threats and meeting challenges in pursuit of a goal—seeking the defeat of a raging spirit, uncovering a government conspiracy, or finding the cause of a catastrophic jumpdrive failure stranding a ship in enemy space.

Adapting the game to a setting requires a little work by the Game Moderator—configuring a set of skill-focused tables to generate characters; defining any unique mechanics, like angelic favours, expendable gadgets, or uncanny good luck; and customising unpredictable but determined foes to stand between success and failure.

For all of this, Sanction offers a toolbox of advice and a range of off-the-shelf settings and adventures to use immediately.

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