Make Happy

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The players have a very very important meeting to attend at Castle Swoon.

The only problem is that Harmony, the sentient gate, is very very sad, their frown making it impossible for them to open. No one can get in or out, which is a problem for Swoon’s blooming franchising businesses.

Having artificial workers is cheap: the success with Harmony, instead of real live guards with salaries, turned out great. Swoon offloaded workers to replace with an artificial workforce, while the previous employees sought fortune on other islands.

Harmony misses their friends very very much.
Please go fetch them for a reunion!

So what is inside?

  • Made for Troika!, the Other World’s favourite fantasy role-playing game!
  • 10+ Monsters or New Friends.
  • 4 unique adventure locations to explore, each featuring several points of interest.
  • A mystery underground location.
  • Pretty colour illustrations by the author on every spread.
  • Edited by the illustrious Jarrett Crader (Troika!, Mothership, UVG, etc.).
  • 16 pages of fun!
  • Bonus: Includes a track of sad ambient background music, created specifically for this adventure. Randomly generated with D6 based algorithms, in D Minor which, according to Google, is the saddest key.
  • Good for an approximately 3 hr one-shot or played over two sessions focused on exploration.

Written by Eric K Hill, on twitter as @silverhoovesfun.

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