Get In The Van


It’s 198X and time for your band to go on its first tour! It’s going to be a non-stop, fun filled rock n’ roll adventure! Great shows, great food, and great friends! It’s gonna be totally gnarly! Except touring kinda sucks… So get ready for a funny, shitty, bumpy ride.

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Get in the Van is set in a world not unlike Earth in the 1980s. You and your friends are members of a punk/metal/glam band who are tired of playing their local pizza parlor. You got a cheap van and you’re going on the road. So get ready to load up the Econoline up with your gear, your cassettes, your merch and your band mates.

Playing the gig is just the beginning of the story. Life on the road is where the real shit goes down.

Features real-time Combat Rock and random on the road adventures/mishaps and more! Try Get in the Van TODAY!

For use with Troika!

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