Bodies in Flight


Bodies In Flight is a system-neutral setting and adventure module for low level characters.

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Caffvell Dale is a small village on the edge of the hills, nestled in the shadow of a jutting cliff face. It exists mostly outside the notice of larger civilisation, a secluded settlement that keeps itself to itself. The people of Caffvell have buried generations of their dead in the caves beside the village, leaving offerings of gold and other valuables to appease their old and expectant gods. The Crag is an ancient and sacred site and they are rightly protective of it.

They are also fiercely protective of the small colony of amber wyverns that nest at the summit of the Crag. Caffvell’s populace believe this to be the last family of amber wyverns extant in the wild, and conservation work has been ongoing for several years. The animals are wild, ferocious, and often mistaken for dragons, and while the people of Caffvell try to keep their existence a secret in order to protect them, it can’t be helped that the wyverns sometimes travel further afield than normal and attract the attention of outsiders.

For one reason or another, the player characters have now arrived in Caffvell. What happens while they are there is for you to find out.

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