Apothecaria: Nightfall Expansion


“Under cover of night

In the pale shadows of the moon

The known becomes a stranger

The familiar gone too soon”

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I’d hoped you’d have a bit more sense than to go wandering around at night but needs must, don’t they? There’re ailments that only really show themselves at night and reagents that are impossible to find during the day.

The Locales around High Rannoc change greatly during the night and while some can be beautiful, they can be frightfully different as well

This nocturnal expansion for Apothecaria adds in a slew of new Ailments like Snoremancy, where the afflicted’s snoring is quite literally raising the dead; new night specific Reagents, and night-time Events for all of the locales from the base game.

See how the goblins of Blastfire Bog live at night, resist the pull of the mischevious wisps in Glimmerwood Grove, and meet the many ghosts of Meltwater Loch and Dreamwater Depths among much more.

Nightfall includes:

  • 19 New Ailments
  • 27 New Reagents
  • 9 new Event tables
  • Several new Tools for exploring the darkness

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