What Is Roleplay?
What is Roleplay? - #6 Character Creation with Chris Bissette

Welcome to Episode 6 of ‘What Is Roleplay?! 
This episode we are joined by Chris Bissette to discuss Character Creation

  • What actually is Character Creation? Deciding who you are going to be in a game, right?
  • How traditional RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons handle character creation.
  • Randomly generating versus picking skills
  • Beginning with a background story – or finding out who your character is through play.
  • Character Creation as a game in itself!

We end by creating character together live as an “actual play” demonstrating some of the cool things Chris had introduced.
Today’s adventure involves creating characters in Mausritter, a game for small mice and dangerous escapades

Links to things we discussed:

With music generously provided by:
Powerplant & Imploders.

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