This Book I Read...
This Book I Read...
The Songlines with Baron von Michael

This month CM Lowry is talking to Baron von Michael, author of Professor Elemental Roleplaying Games, about The Songlines by Bruce Chatwin in ‘This Book I Read…

Topics covered include:

  • Bruce Chatwin’s use of flippant anecdotes, quotes and stories to explore deeper themes
  • The broken nature of this book and how the small pieces make up his greater thesis on life – that you need to be moving and discovering things in life; that our problems stem from a lack of this.
  • The need to return to big ideas as a society – that philosophy and ethics are not just things to neatly package into a box and leave on a shelf.
  • Travel as a hopeful antidote to the harms of life.
  • Wider themes of roleplaying and identity; combining inspirations along your our personal journey

Links to things we discussed:

Music by CM Lowry. Editing by Dave Emmerson 

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