Shift: Quickstart BETA

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SHIFT is a new RPG system that lets you play in any world you can imagine. 

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SHIFT is a pick-up-and-play roleplaying game system that offers diverse options for Game Masters (GMs) and players alike. Its minimal rule set contains everything a GM needs to facilitate an exciting, character-driven story for the players.

Every aspect of SHIFT is powered by the same core building block: Traits (narrative abilities of characters, monsters, equipment, anything!) with an associated Shift die. As characters use their Traits to interact with the world around them, the Trait’s die will change, shifting to better or worse dice as the narrative unfolds. Every die roll in SHIFT risks your dice shifting, which keeps the action exciting and dynamic. Traits are highly customizable, and creating new Traits from scratch is accessible and fun.

With its simple, central mechanic and fast game play, SHIFT makes it easy to build and play in any world you can imagine.

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