Maelstrom: Curse of the Albatross

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Maelstrom is a one shot adventure “Curse of the Albatross”, allowing you to jump right into a world built for SHIFT.

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Maelstrom is a setting that fits into the subgenre of science fiction that incorporates eldritch horror, the supernatural, and Atlantic coastal life. Maelstrom takes place after a cataclysmic event leaves much of the world’s land lost underwater. Those that survived are now forced to live in a world of harsh rocky landscapes corrupted by The Deep.

Maelstrom features monstrous sea creatures, as well as monstrous people. There are supernatural events in this world, and people use magic to help and hinder others. The setting takes place in an era reminiscent of the late 19th century. However, the need to survive in this new world has twisted its fashion, culture, architectural style, technology, and art. Everyone that has managed to survive in this world is alive because they have sacrificed something, or someone, to do so.

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