Rock Hoppers


You are a Rock Hopper. One part prospector, one part salvager, all parts explorer!

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Rock Hoppers

The mega-structures in orbit around Tau Ceti may be home to humanity but the drive for raw materials pushes people such as yourself to chart the asteroids and debris at the edge of the system. A lucky find could change a life forever but luck has deserted you of late.

A cave-in has trapped you deep below the surface of an isolated asteroid.

Will your resolve hold as you explore the tunnels, seeking a way to safety? How will you respond to the errant signals that filter through from the outside? And what will you make of the secret hidden at the centre of the asteroid, an Artefact capable of changing the balance of power within the system?

Rock Hoppers is a solo journaling RPG set within The Dyson Eclipse – An expanding space opera setting that explores the strange megastructures in orbit around Tau Ceti. The game is built on the Wretched & Alone SRD and inspired by The Wretched by Chris Bissette.

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