The Kandhara Contraband


The Kandhara Contraband is a system agnostic adventure suitable for sci-fi settings such as Firefly, Orbital Blues and Traveller. The free ‘demo’ files consist of the initial alpha, lacking editing or layout. The paid edition of the adventure is approximately double the size of the alpha, has been edited and includes layout.

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Chasing the stars is an expensive game for an independent crew. Docking fees, fuel and repairs ensure that profits are rare. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty or are just that desperate, there are always the smuggling rings. After all, crime really does pay. Word has reached your crew about one such job – Algoth Nieminen, the head of the Jitana Syndicate, is after a ship to pick up some cargo and ship it to its final destination. It’s easy money, so what’s the catch?


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