Paris Gondo: The Life Saving Magic of Inventorying

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“The play-based GonParis Method is a simple, smart, and effective way to banish encumbrance forever. Adopt this dungeoneering strategy, and you’ll never be overloaded again.”

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This game is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to encumbrance rules and other tropes found in beloved dungeon-crawling games.

It is a GM-less storytelling game for 3 to 6 players, designed to be played in a few hours with polyhedral dice and no preparation.

Players in this game embody Adventurers who, as a group called a Party, have reached the last level of a Dungeon and defeated the Boss who presided over it. Play starts as Adventurers discover Loot you create. The objects you decide your Adventurer carries home makes up what you pack as their Final Inventory.

If Adventurers hold on to possessions that spark joy, they might feel invigorated and satisfied for the rest of their existence, or at least until their next adventure. But letting go of less emotionally charged but useful Belongings might prove to be a deadly mistake for the Party on their Journey Home.

A game designed by Kalum from The Rolistes Podcast.

Rules Editor: Chris S. Sims.

Graphic design: Francita Soto and Kalum

Art by Bodie Hartley

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1 review for Paris Gondo: The Life Saving Magic of Inventorying

  1. Entwife Experience

    This might just be the perfect one shot group game!

    It took me far to long for the pun penny to drop, but the game passed the ‘ranting to my partner about how we need to get a group together ASAP’ test with alacrity!

    Includes a full write up of a playthrough of the game/ “replay” from Session Zero to completion (my new favorite thing in games), as well as the full breakdown of the rules and mechanics, Play-Aids and Card Decks, which can be printed and cut out or used in PDF form.

    Charming in universe intro with reviews of the The GonParis Method.

    The Replay is an absolute delight to read and really captures the fun and gameplay in an engaging and entertaining manner. It’s worth the asking price on its own!

    The is a six-step game encompassing, dealing with safety tools and tone, creating your band of adventures and the dungeon and boss you just vanquished, making up loot and generating its stats, acting out the exchange and bargaining of the loot, playing out the dangerous journey home, and finally, determining the satisfaction and fulfilment of the character’s lives based on their feelings towards their goodies.

    The rules are simple to follow and well explained with all manner of improvising and fun to be had at every step and I am absolutely sold!

    The Ready-to-play Miro Board template features all the Play-aids and Card Decks. Copy it in your own Miro board and you will have everything you need to play is perfect for online play and most certainly sparks joy.

    The addition of art from Bodie Hartley ( is absolutely glorious and fits the vibe of the game perfectly.

    This is one of those ‘how was not already a thing?’ things because it’s such a great, fun idea it seems like it should always have existed!

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