Apothecaria: The Wild Highlands Expansion


Past the village of High Rannoc, up in the heather and scree covered hills of the highlands sits the castle town of Heatherholm. Once a bastion of power for questing knights and adventurers eager to set out across the bleak Rannoc Ranges, the town has taken on a more sedate role in recent years. Gone are the epic quests of old, replaced instead with odd jobs and tourists.

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Things are stirring in the Rannoc Ranges. Rumours of mad inventors in the ever blasted Lightning Fields, strange ancient beasts found in a long lost Forgotten Glen where memories flow like mist, and worst of all, rumours of elves.

The Wild Hunt has returned to these lands and few are safe from them. Draw what contentment you may that elves’ desires are not usually so straight-forward or cruel as mere sport hunting. To these immortal fae imprisonment for a hundred years is akin to a child being put out in a game. They do not understand our needs or our ways and even their attempts at kindness can have awful and unexpected complications.

It is a witch’s duty to protect her patients and I’m sorry to say that this duty falls to you:

Stop the Wild Hunt

This hefty expansion for Apothecaria introduces:

  • 4 new Locales
  • A new Storyline involving The Wild Hunt
  • 28 new Ailments
  • 60 new Reagents
  • 2 new Festivals
  • a new Village
  • and the new Quest Board system with 6 quests

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