Genial Jack Vol.1


Inspired by the likes of Gulliver’s TravelsTales of Baron Munchausen, and New Weird urban fantasy, Genial Jack is written for 5th edition but easily adaptable to any fantasy tabletop game.

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Genial Jack is a serialized setting of nautical weirdness and whimsy – horrors and wonders from the deep, mysterious isles, absurd pirates, surreal monsters, sentient storms, and, of course, a whale the size of a mountain. Each volume will reveal some aspect of the bizarre seascape traversed by Genial Jack, beginning with an account of Jackburg itself – the ramshackle, symbiotic city built atop and within the beneficent Godwhale.

Within the first volume you’ll find:

  • 12 playable species, the chief denizens of Jackburg.
  • A gazetteer of the myriad districts of Outer and Inner Jackburg
  • Descriptions of the government, laws, and criminal organizations of the town
  • Jackburg slang
  • 20 quick NPCs
  • A centerfold map (in the PDF only)


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