Dungeon Drop 1 Boxset


It gives us great pleasure to present Loot The Room’s first Dungeon Drop, a limited edition boxed set containing a raft of new system neutral adventures for your favourite dungeon games. This box is limited to 200 copies.

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The Storage Box
Keep all your zines and pamphlets from the first Dungeon Drop safely in one place with this limited edition storage box!
900gsm card, wrapped in 157gsm smooth paper, hot foil stamped with gold foil

The Zines
The main event! Three new adventures for the dungeon exploration game of your choice!

Beyond The Drowned Spire

The village of Edenpoole sits beside a large lake. Local legends tell of an ancient wizard’s tower that once stood here, and a great battle with a demon known as The Burnt Eater that scarred the land and made the crater that now forms the lake.

Recently the ruins of a collapsed tower were found beneath the silt floor of the lake. Investigations and excavations have begun, but it’s only a matter of time before word gets out and Edenpoole is flooded with treasure seekers and so-called adventurers.

Enter: the characters.

Bodies In Flight

Caffvell Dale is a small village on the edge of the hills, nestled in the shadow of a jutting cliff face. It exists mostly outside the notice of larger civilisation, a secluded settlement that keeps itself to itself. The people of Caffvell have buried generations of their dead in the caves beside the village, leaving offerings of gold and other valuables to appease their old and expectant gods. The Crag is an ancient and sacred site and they are rightly protective of it.

They are also fiercely protective of the small colony of amber wyverns that nest at the summit of the Crag. Caffvell’s populace believe this to be the last family of amber wyverns extant in the wild, and conservation work has been ongoing for several years. The animals are wild, ferocious, and often mistaken for dragons, and while the people of Caffvell try to keep their existence a secret in order to protect them, it can’t be helped that the wyverns sometimes travel further afield than normal and attract the attention of outsiders.

For one reason or another, the player characters have now arrived in Caffvell. What happens while they are there is for you to find out.

Vine Heart

Deep in the heart of the forest an ancient, slumbering god begins to awaken. Pilgrims have travelled from far and wide, following falling omens and signs known only to them, desperate to be the first to bear witness to its awakening and to pledge their fealty – or to destroy it before it can sink its paws into the fabric of reality once more.

A holy war is about to be waged beneath the quiet of the trees. Which side will the players take?

The Pamphlet Adventures

Five short adventures perfect for one-shots. A weird creature made of flesh and too many hands feasts beneath a farmer’s field; an ancient tomb holds secrets that should never be spoken; a malevolent spirit possesses an ancient blade, crying out for a new bearer to take it up; a gargoyle goes on a killing spree in the alleyways of a rain-soaked city; and something that should not be hungers for new souls.

The Grasping Tunnels
A fallow field, overgrown and forgotten, a patch of discoloured earth collapsing into darkness as children play. An exhalation of hot, fetid air, voided from tunnels never walked by mortal feet. From the darkness, the grasping of claws and teeth.

Some ventured in already. They returned dragging their dead, limbs torn away and bound to their packs in the vain hope of stitching themselves back together. They babbled manic tales of gibbering mouths, reaching arms, ripping claws.

The thing must be slain.

Maybe you are the ones to do it.

The Lair Of The Silent Lord
When they speak his name it’s in hushed tones, a whisper under cover of darkness. The crumbling stone circle on the edge of town is all the proof they need that he walked these lands, once, and that his power still holds sway.

And in their dreams they hear a rush of indrawn breath, a shift in the rhythm as something begins to wake.

The Forbidden Blade
An ancient amphitheatre beneath the earth was once the site of great gladiatorial battles. Now it stands forgotten, forlorn and silent.

Somewhere in that buried colosseum lies the blade of a long-forgotten warrior, storied in her time and feared from horizon to horizon. And in your sleep, it has been singing to you.

Stone Secrets
A string of grisly murders has the city gripped in fear. The stones themselves cry out for relief. Will you find the culprit before it’s too late?

The Grotesque God
The altar in the local temple cracks and the walls shake as something that should not be emerges from the crypts beneath the foundations of the building. What woke it, and what could possibly put it back in the ground?

Encounter Tracking Pad
No more scrabbling for scrap paper to track turns and make notes when you run your dungeons! This handy pad has plenty of space for timekeeping, a square dotted notes section for jotting down important information or sketching quick maps, and a hand reaction rolls reference. Strictly limited to 100 copies, this is first come first served.

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