The Moss Mother’s Maze


Beneath a desolate moor lies an enigmatic maze, its twisted corridors teeming with treacherous traps and remnants of ill-fated adventurers who dared to tread its path.

The Moss Mother guards her home against all intruders, but there are great rewards to be had for those who brave her hallways.

Immerse yourself in a world of rot, rust, and rebirth, where the echoes of buried legends stalk your every move.

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The Moss Mother’s Maze is the first adventure for A Dungeon Game.

The book comes with:

  • A printed player handout of a partial map of the dungeon to aid with player mapping
  • A printed player handout of the door maze on the Vault door
  • A double-sided print of the dungeon map showing the maze and its solution, for the GM’s references
  • Two pamphlets for those new to old school dungeon crawling, titled “So You Want To Run A Dungeon Game?” and “So You Want To Explore A Dungeon!”
  • Digital character sheets with 6 pre-generated characters

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