Dee Sanction: Core Rules

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The Dee Sanction is a tabletop role-playing game about serving Queen and country in the late Tudor period, in a time where kingdoms vie for power, the Church splinters under the pressure of reform, and creatures of folklore emerge from enforced hiding seeking revenge against those who imprisoned them

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You’re a bad person — sentenced to hang for dabbling in magic — given a chance to redeem yourself and earn freedom in service to Queen Elizabeth‘s newest line of defence.

The Dee Sanction

is a self-contained role-playing game. A 68-page black-and-white illustrated compact book (A5, 148 x 210mm/5.8 x 8.3 inches) including:

  • a character generation system, including random Agent creation and Tradecraft system to leverage contacts, magic and special equipment
  • a Short Tudor History, a brief timeline of events, and a description of key enemies of Elizabethan England
  • a simple, self-contained system for handling threats, hazards and consequences with an approach that always pushes onward
  • a bestiary of supernatural and common enemies, plus a full introductory adventure, “Lost in Translation

The system requires either a full polyhedral dice set or can be played with a deck of ordinary playing cards.

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