In Caregiver you play as an exasperated spirit trying to aid a group of clueless heroes on an arduous journey. They fight monsters and discover strange places, and all the while you are able to gently influence them. You draw cards to see how the monster attacks or where the heroes are heading next.

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A storytelling game for one player.

You are a supernatural entity, formless, ageless, born of a single desire: to see humans flourish. You try to keep the adventurers safe and provide for them, doing good where you can, but your influence is barely a whisper, so it’s difficult.

The heroes act on their own, heading off into the wilderness, discovering old lands and facing monsters. Their efforts are inherently random, determined by cards you draw for them. You’ll have the ability to subtly influence them for the better, but your resources are limited.

It’s a lot of work! But without you, they’re as good as dead.

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