What Is Roleplay?
What Is Roleplay? - #5 One Shots with James D'Amato

Welcome to Episode 5 of ‘What Is Roleplay?! 
This episode we are joined by James D’Amato to discuss One Shots & Campaigns

  • We discuss RPG One Shots and Campaigns and how the contrast as well as compliment each other.
  • We talk about the difficulties of scheduling campaign play sessions and how one-shots can make for much simpler, streamlined & spontaneous play.
  • We define some helpful terms you’ll need to know, like One Shot (a role-play game adventure that takes place in one play session) and Campaign (An ongoing role-play game that takes place over many game play session and can literally last for years).
  • The pitfalls and hilarity of live streaming campaigns using apps like Zoom.
  • The definition of Campaign can be very mercurial, discussing expections and safety before game play is important.

We end, as usual, with some live “actual play” using James’ Luminaries, to demonstrate a one-shot & the of the concepts we’ve discussed.
Today’s adventure involves dread, a desperate goodbye, and a player character sacrificing themselves for the greater good…

Links to things we discussed:

With music generously provided by:
Powerplant & Imploders.

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