What Is Roleplay?
What Is Roleplay? - #1 The Basics with CM Lowry

Welcome to the very first episode of our semi-regular Beyond Cataclysm podcast – ‘What is Roleplay?’
This episode we are joined by author CM Lowry to discuss:

  • A very loose definition of ‘role play’ and how we’ve all done it in real life
  • Some basic terms you’ll need to know like RPG (Role Play Game), GM (Games Master), and PC (Player Character)
  • The various dice you might come across (featuring too many dice rolling sounds!)
  • The mechanics of Stats

We even do a little bit of live “actual play” role play, which we think makes for pretty fun listening.

Links to things we discussed:

With music generously provided by:
Powerplant & Imploders.

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