Weird Little Goblinz


A beautiful little Goblin zine, which was handmade, scanned in, printed and folded with love by Molomoot. Limited edition

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you ther, Hu-Man!

if u wanna be best gobbo (like me). you need this “zini” thingi.

Roll some of those cube things what has numbers on them and make a goblin

To get a copy you can hold wif ur grubby little fingers you need to look at the “x-clue-sieve” rewards below and trade moneygolds to our hoo-man grub and they will magic you one up.

Or yu’ll need access to a fing what has the magic little ink-men inside it what makes paper have images on it so you can do what the Wizards call “Printings” and then just do some foldings and its done! no need to waste good sticky gloo or nuffin.

(Translation: Hey, thanks for showing interesting in my little handmade Goblin zine. This was made with traditional mediums and scanned in so to make a copy for yourself, you’ll need to print & fold this zine in a classic 8 page fold. Or to a physical copy please purchase through the Exclusive Content below.  To generate a random goblin roll a set of classic polyhedral dice and refer to the tables!)

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