Void Above (Two Zine Set)


Void Above is a standalone hard sci-fi RPG about a crew of Spacers who take and complete Contracts: complex jobs that require teamwork and clever thinking.  TWO ZINE SET – Spacers Guide (Players) + Host Guide (GMs)

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Void Above

is about problem solving, expression, and teamwork. You deal with tense situations with your head, not with a gun. You can find a sculpture artist on a spaceship just as you can find a mechanic. No one is more important than the Crew around you, your found family.

This is supported by a focused gaming system that gives Hosts (GMs) all the tools they need to run short and long term games. It’s accessible by design, Hosts without experience of running RPGs before will find the support they need.

The Spacer Guide (circa. 50 pages) contains the rules that Spacers and Hosts need to know for in session play:

  • Creation: How to make Spacers and Ships, plus how to advance them.
  • The core skill system: Skills, Gear, Injuries, Stress.
  • Lean guidance on hard sci-fi themes.
  • Escalation chart: ways for Hosts to make situations worse!
  • The Pressure Die: for scarce resources or timed situations.

The Host Guide (circa. 50 pages) has tools and guidance for Hosts:

  • A suite of tools for creating Scenarios for your Crew to take on and real-time ‘Timelines’ to add extra momentum.
  • A micro-setting of Sol (Earth’s own solar system) to set your games within.
  • Principles and advice to help you run the game.

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