Trouble at the Rock of Tariq – An Orbital Blues Adventure

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Trouble at the Rock of Tariq is an Orbital Blues adventure based around a succession crisis on the Rock of Tariq and an incredibly valuable terraformation satellite in the possession of your player crew.

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The adventure starts as the characters take a suspiciously lucrative delivery job, ferrying mysterious cargo to the Rock on behalf of its ruler, before everything goes horribly horribly wrong. Your character are trapped on a foreign space station, trying to survive shifting politics long enough to get paid, discharge their cargo, and get the hell out of dodge.

Written by Basheer Ghouse andd illustrated by Orbital Blues co-creator Josh Clark, Trouble at the Rock of Tariq is an adventure for Orbital Blues, a sad space western about Interstellar Outlaws trying to make ends meet in the corporate dominated dustbowl of the Frontier Galaxy.

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