Thoughts & Prayers


THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS is a zine by Stockholm Kartell made for the convention season of 2023. 56 pages of adventures, tables, monsters, items and essays. 

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includes, among other things; two adventures each for MÖRK BORG and DEATH IN SPACE; d66 magic weapons; tables, enemies and a location for CY_BORG; essays on the reaction roll, missed attacks and Ryūnosuke Akutagawa; some of the best albums of 2022 reviewed.
Crash a deity-birthing ritual in ‘HOG GOD’, track and slay the Fallen in ‘Skewed Angel’, navigate Iron Ring factions in ‘CESIUM 66’, free the wrongly convicted in ‘Transit Precinct 45’. Wield the Emerald Blade of Anti-Thaumaturgy. Meet the Emergency Response Team. Get this zine.

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