The Witch of the Westmoreland


Pale was the wounded knight, that bore the rowan shield
Loud and cruel were the raven’s cries that feasted on the field
Saying “Beck water cold and clear will never clean your wound
There’s none but the witch of the Westmoreland can make thee hale and sound”

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The Witch of the Westmoreland

is a tarot based Arthurian fantasy RPG inspired by the song ‘The Witch of the West-mer-lands’ by  Archie Fisher, and horrors drawn from English and Welsh folk tales.

You will need : a tarot deck and 2-5 players, one of whom will act as the GM

You play the companions of a knight who has been gravely wounded in battle. Your task is to escort him safely through the forests to the Witch of the Westmoreland, the only one who can heal his wounds.

But be warned: the woods are dangerous and terrifying, full of things waiting to devour unwary travellers.

Inspired by Royal Blood by Grant Howitt

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