The Practical Guide to Becoming a Great GM


The Practical Guide to becoming a Great GM is the book that brings all the areas you need to know as a Game Master into a single space and shows you how to do all of it better, faster, clearer, and with confidence to know your game will be awesome.

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“The core concept of the book is about enabling you to build your game in such a way that it runs itself. All you have to do is enjoy the ride while watching how everything plays out.

We do this by identifying constrains that we create before we start playing. You’ve probably already done this subconsciously, however ‘The PRactical Guide to Becoming a Great GM’ is all about making this subconcious thoughts conscious.

Once you master your constraints you are left to manage the important things – like making your players shiver in fear, squirm with delight, or sit transfixed as you describe the temple ruins. This is also covered in the book, bringing life to your world!”

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