The Night Market


DnD 5e supplement to help you add an awesome night market to your campaign

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This supplement gives you everything you need to have your very own Night Market, a fantasy black market full of curses and treasures, in any of your TTRPG games. You can use it as a fun filler session, a way for your players to make some money, or use some of the suggested plot threads and dark secrets to make a whole arc or campaign out of it.

Contents include:

  • A whole bunch of NPCs along with their stats and stalls
  • Rules for doing things like bottling a hyena’s laugh or a wolf’s bite
  • Adventure hooks and plot lead-ins
  • Side quests galore
  • Tonnes of new potions and magic items
  • Tables to create stalls on the fly
  • New monsters
  • A whole set of dark secrets to explore

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