The Connection Machine


The Connection Machine is a science fiction RPG about attachmenttrauma and the search for meaningful connection. Explore a dream-like world to create stories about hope, grief, shame, freedom, attachment and love. 

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A quantum computer – the titular Connection Machine – has been tasked with maintaining a stable hypercube. A group of specially selected individuals will now step up to physically explore the fourth dimension and the surreal landscape within. However, their brains struggle to grasp the experience, filling in blanks with memories from their collective past as time itself bends and shifts. The characters confront trauma echoing through their lives, given form as PTSDemons. With each wave of trauma, the hypercube becomes less and less stable, threatening to collapse in on itself with everybody inside!

A surreal digital collage of a hulking red demon stands filling the middle of a vaulted chamber. Artificual-looking namked bodies croud around, hugging it's legs and lining up around it. The demon is lifting several up to be devoured.
The demonic form of The Eater of Hearts sampling the latest batch

Each session of The Connection Machine is perfect for creating a powerful stand-alone story while exploring the dream-like landscape of the fourth dimension. Will your character be crushed under the weight of unseen dimensions, or will they return integrated with their demons and better able to go forward?

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