The Book of Gaub


The Book of Gaub is an anthology of creepy magic and micro-fiction, fit for all game systems and tailored to retro/old school D&D in the style of Wonder & Wickedness.

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The Book of Gaub

takes inspiration from “floorboard and cobweb” horror; touchstones of this are The Babadook, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, Stephen King’s works like Misery and The Shining, and so on.

Aside from its core content – 49 spells and small tales – the Book also includes 100 terrible Catastrophes to invoke when its vile magic goes awry. 20 Monsters are bound in the book as well, together with insidious rituals to turn them to your gain. With some of the 49 bizarre paraphernalia in hand, you may begin your descent to the place where fear lies. The book is completed by adventure hooks and some simple sorcery rules.

104 pages, hardcover, bound in lilac duo cloth.

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