The Ballad of Sir Redmayne


Two weeks ago at the Battle of Boulder Hill, which saw orc invaders clash with human defenders, Sir Redmayne fell in valiant battle with the orc foes. His horse was slain and it’s magical armour and his ancestral sword taken. – So the bards are telling it in the Ballad of Sir Redmayne –

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Word has now reached his grieving widow that the horses armour and Sir Redmaynes sword are to be melted down in a foul ritual by the orc chieftain and his dark mages.

This cannot be allowed to happen. Lady Redmayne will pay good money and honour the brave band of heroes who venture through the post-battle wilderness, locate the orc camp, and retrieve the items.

Are you up for the challenge?

This is a classically designed adventure module of 32 pages which has been designed to provide a varied and engaging wilderness adventure. The layout has been specially designed to provide summary charts for combat, encounter notes and space for Dungeon Master game prep notes.

Player actions and choices make a difference and can have serious consequences within the adventure. Failure is definitely an option.

(And the adventure overview? That’s just from the humans point of view – you find out in the adventure that the orcs have a different opinion.)

With all professional art, and content that can be taken and used outside of the game there is a lot to love in this adventure!

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